Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New happy moments

Recently I downloaded the NPR app for my phone. Crappy App, I do not suggest its use. Thankfully some good came of the purchase! I found some programs that I enjoy and was able to sample some of them. My favorite turns out to be something that I have seen before, but never paid too much attention to: Pop Culture Happy Hour

It's this great combination of people who are connected to pop culture in unique ways. The podcast/radio show has a great variety. They discuss movies, opera, theater, sports, tv, comics and all sorts of things without the "I'm all knowing" snobbery that I find when some people discuss movies or tv or sports. I think because the group is made of individuals with individual areas of interest (read nerd obsession) they balance each other really well. I love it. I also love that they are the first to admit that what they discuss is not life and death and yet can have a serious discussion about pop culture. They can also have the silliest discussions of all time and in this way they remind me of hanging out with my best friends. I suggest you check it out, just don't bother using the NPR app it is awful. Download episodes directly from the site and read the associated blog

Some of my other favorite public radio shows (NPR and otherwise)
Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me
This American Life
Planet Money is good, but gets a bit... accountant/financial analyst-y for me sometimes

Also making me happy recently is a comic 
Most specifically this one from last week I complain about small state people all the time and someday I will post my rant/thoughts on why they are forced into their oddly-scaled life

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Ann in the UP said...

I spent years listening to NPR, and then I got my hubs an XM radio. Now I've spent years listening to Frank Sinatra worship. It irritates me, but I have other rooms where I can listen to other things.

I love Wait, Wait, Don't Tell me!