Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ToT - Family

Carole had a great topic this week for Ten on Tuesday and it's all about the awesomeness of family

Why my Family Rocks Socks

1) We are weird, every single one of us is a weirdo in their own way
2) We can make fun of one another and laugh at our own oddities
3) We are supportive - my mom never missed a recital and my dad made it to most of them. We watch each other's sports games, support each other's hobbies and otherwise just enjoy the success and happiness of other people in the family
4) We play games - For Jim and I it's mostly trivia, for the rest of my family it's anything and everything
5) We eat together - Until I hit the teen years (where I missed a few due to other commitments) my family ate dinner as one big group almost every day. Sitting down at a table and discussing your day forces you to learn all about the people around you.
6) We are friends - I never realized that so many people were not friends with their siblings. Yes, we did and do fight, bicker and annoy the hell out of each other, but in the end we are still friends.
7) There are tons of us. My parents and siblings make up 7 people, a couple of us are married or almost married and our extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, their spouses and children a is huge. Get us all together and hilarity ensues!
8) We marry good people. My older sister is married to a great guy and I am married to a sweet guy and my little sister seems to have found a good fit. None of us have brought a psycho into the family and that makes it easier to welcome the newcomers with open arms
9) We are different - my sisters and I look a little more like each other as we grow up, but as children we looked as if we could have all come from different parents. We have some of the same hobbies, but mostly they're different, we are all interested in different scholastic areas and all of that difference makes my family a human set of encyclopedias
10) We are Dorks - my parents and I went to the 5k in Boston this weekend and then headed over to nike town where they had a photo booth set up. We hammed it up for the camera and left laughing

Mom and Dad


Anonymous said...

Awesome list! I love how candid you are. Super photos too.

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you ran! How did you do? I'm still dealing with this stupid sciatic injury but I'm starting to try walking again a little. I'd love to do the marathon in Burlington either next year or in 2013.

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

It's nice to read that other families are as dorky as mine - loved your list!

Beverly said...

Fun list!

Ann in the UP said...

It sounds like we would be lucky to know your whole bunch!