Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ToT - Snack Edition

Favorite Snacks (mostly completely unhealthy, over-processed deliciousness), in no particular order:

1) Oreos - I was having them too often so I gave them up for Lent
2) Big Cheez-its - Yes, they are better than normal cheez-its
3) Homemade Cookies
4) Brownies, undercooked
5) Chips and Salsa - add a touch of cream cheese to the salsa for my mom's version
6) POP! - I know pop is bad for you and blablabla, but I love it and have really cut back to just a couple a week. I'm sure I will cut back even more as time goes on, but I will never give up coke and dr. pepper entirely
7) Potato Chips - Lays has a new tomato basil variety that I find addicting
8) Veggies - raw with hummus or a little ranch dressing
9) Ice Cream - now that the local ice cream stands are open I can get any flavor I want!
10) Squeaky Cheese - we used to get this while at the cabin or grandma and grandpa's house

More snacky ideas? Check out the links on Carole's Post


Ann in the UP said...

I do believe that we could snack together any time. I like old fashioned potato chips best though. But Cheetos! What is it about them that is so compelling. I could eat them until I explode!

KatMcD said...

Love your list, especially the under cooked brownies.