Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Anniversary

If I had to describe my husband and I as a couple I would say best friends who are sort of adorable in a teenage-couple sort of way. Our anniversary has its own history of on again off again fun. At least once, Jim was thousands of miles away, I often forget the actual date and we aren’t into big gestures, so this year we made a small effort and I found it to be practically perfect. I had thought about a weekend away, but our anniversary falls during that unpredictable spring season where you can have any kind of weather imaginable and I didn’t want to waste a getaway on a weekend with crummy weather. So we stuck around home and celebrated on the actual anniversary date, which fell during the week.

I came home, cleaned up after the boys and just as I was finishing up jim arrived home with groceries. After putting all the food away I set about arranging the four bunches of flowers (for 4 years of marriage) into vases. Jim picked up a couple bunches of my favorite flower (Tulips) in lovely white and light orangey-peach colors. I placed those (with a penny) in a lovely faux crystal vase next to the sink in the kitchen. 

The other two bunches were brightly dyed daisies that I added to a separate vase and placed on the counter in between the kitchen and eating area. Flowers may not last forever, but I do love them and they make me smile every time I enter the kitchen.

After the chores were done we figured a restaurant would be a good thing for celebration. The first thought would be to go to a restaurant that we had eaten at while dating. The only one that really fits the bill is mostly a pasta place and we had already eaten pasta multiple times that week, so that was nixed almost immediately. Instead, we went to the hibachi/Japanese Steakhouse place in our town. This restaurant also serves sushi, but since this was a celebration of us and Jim doesn’t like sushi I decided to stay with the hibachi specials exclusively. It was excellent fun and delicious food.

We rounded out the evening in tradition Jim-Britt style with some Jeopardy, knitting and hanging around. It may not have been the biggest deviation from our normal routine, it was enough to be special and celebratory and since it was with my husband it was exactly perfect.

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Ann in the UP said...

We have had big celebrations and little celebrations, but every year we marvel that it's been as long as it is. Time flies when you're having fun. Happy anniversary! Many more on and on into old age!