Friday, May 6, 2011

The State of Things - Garden

I’m going to attempt a weekly segment where I review the state of things. Not the state of things that the international/national/local news covers, but a more personal look at the state of things. Some weeks I’ll focus on the traditions I tried to establish in 2011, some weeks it might be a short blurb about the state of crazy I exist in, but mostly I just want documentation that there is progress in my life.

It is so easy to blow through a week and not take a moment to acknowledge the time that has passed or the things I have done. I am trying not to do that.

This week we will talk about the garden.

Veggie Garden
The garden is one of those things that I enjoy, but it requires so much work. We have planted beans, lettuces, carrots and such. I really think if we had a cold frame of some sort we would have had salad by now, but this spring was cold and long so our lettuce has been stuck in the sprout stage forever.

Silly sprouts
 Nevertheless, the patio garden is coming up, weeds have been pulled, mulch has been applied and pictures taken. The first bulbs of the year are the crocuses, I’m not sure if something got to them before they bloomed or if a bunch of them just didn’t flower this year, but they were not as stellar as I had hoped. Then there are my “dwarf tulips” I don’t’ know what variety these tulips are, but they bloom as low as the crocuses, and this year they continued to grow taller until something (Dennis?) nibbled the blooms right off.

Right now (and by now I mean this past weekend when I wrote this post) the other tulips are up, blooming beautifully. The bright yellow ones are so cheery and they have the thinnest line of red outlining the petals. They open WIDE during sunny days inviting bees and butterflies to stop by for a visit.

Open Sesame

Can you see the red outline?
Closed in the evening

There are also a couple purpley/pink ones. They have a much smaller flower, but bloom at a normal height just a day or two behind the yellow ones.

Love this picture
Closed in the evening right after I watered
Around our patio we have three lilac trees which I hated the first year we lived here, but now I love them. The fragrance alone won me over. They are also blooming late this year and haven’t produced a single flower yet, but I expect they will appear sometime between writing and posting this entry to the blog.
Purple Lilac
Then there are just some other random plants coming up and starting to bloom around the garden
Ground Cover (Macro setting)

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Ann in the UP said...

I enjoyed your garden tour. I'm about to plant cold weather stuff here. The deer ate my tulips which are in a state of decline anyway. But local daffodils are blooming, the peonies, lily of the valley, and lilacs are in the process---but not out yet. I should take a walk in the woods and check for wildflowers, but it's a bit early and it's been cold.