Thursday, May 5, 2011


Friday I did not get up and watch the wedding of the royals over in England. I recognize that it is a big day, but I have always considered weddings so personal and since I don’t know either people getting married it feels invasive. That doesn’t stop me from looking at pictures (mostly of Kate’s dress and veil, I love her veil)

When I got married my goal was to wear a pretty dress, kiss a cute boy and make sure I had my parents there. Then I wanted to celebrate with friends out in Oregon. I did it all. My dress was adorable, my parents were there, no tears were shed and a cute boy kissed me. There are some tiny things I might change if I did it over (different veil), but basically it was perfect even if it was four years ago.

My hair jewelry

My Veil, not as Pretty as the Princess's

My little sister is getting married in September and I am really excited for her. I won’t attend her actual ceremony, but I will (job-willing) be there for her party back home. I hope she has as much fun as I did, but I worry too. She is the opposite of bridezilla and I hope it doesn’t end up being a wedding where decisions are made to appease others. I hope everything ends up as close to perfect as possible. I recognize that a wedding (single event) is not as important as a marriage (life long journey), but it is something that you look back to and I want her to look back and smile. I want her to look at her wedding pictures and laugh because it was a wonderful day.
What do you think about weddings? 

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Ann in the UP said...

What I think about weddings---they're nice to visit but I don't want to live there. Mine were small with family conducted by the clergy. But the wedding money was spent on other necessities.

I'm better at marriage than weddings. I love to see a happy radiant bride though, so I guess a big bash serves a useful purpose. And I wish your sister a happy day and a happy life.