Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Tradition: Haircuts

I am not one to go get my hair done. I don’t spend a lot of time doing may hair, so the fact that it had been almost two years since my last haircut is not surprising. What is surprising is how long my hair had actually become.

Growing up my mom had a semi-rule (more of a precedent than an actual rule) that if you didn’t want to take care of your hair it had to be kept short. This did not mean my mom chopped our tangled hair off in the middle of the night in some traumatizing act of parental craziness (though with 5 daughters you couldn’t blame a woman for going a little crazy). It just meant that if we had super tangly hair because we (ok just me, I was pretty much the only one with this issue) refused to brush it, then she would encourage us to keep it on the shorter side. So growing up I kept it short. Sometimes it was super short and I would be mistaken for a boy, sometimes it was super short and I wouldn’t style it and I would look ridiculous (oh the pictures!)

Now that I am a pretend grown up and don’t have to follow my mom’s rules about hair brushing I find medium length hair to be perfect. I can pull it into a pony tail or I can just part it and still look presentable. The other benefit is that if I want to style medium length hair it is not so long that it take numerous clips/ties/pins to keep it in place, but it is long enough to do something with it (on the extremely rare chance that I want to do such a thing).

Last time I got a haircut, my cousin was just finishing up at a great cosmetology school out west. I was in the vicinity so I stopped in and let her use some of her practical hours on someone she knew. She gave me an adorable bob shorter in the back than the front. It was super cute and I didn’t think about getting another haircut for ages.

Eventually, though, my hair did what hair does and it had grown to halfway down my back. The ability to style it was becoming limited. I couldn’t wear a normal ponytail because it was too long and annoyed me. So when I reached a reward point I chopped it off.

The pictures make me look grumpy, but I was quite happy actually

Long hair in a low pony tail
 Shoulder Length, being held back slightly by my sunglasses. Also wow giant nose and I should have worn makeup


KnittingReader said...

Great haircut! You are so cute!

Brady and Brittney said...

I only remember you with short hair and backwards earrings! I totally need to cut mine though and the bob you were talking about: short in back and longer in front is top of my list for potential styles.

Ann in the UP said...

Looks just right! I get my hair cut every two months, so I get to ignore it the rest of the time.

Jackie said...

So cute!