Monday, August 29, 2011

The state of things

What am I working on?

The grey blob. The epic shawl is still growing. I am racing toward the end of the second skein of yarn. I’m not sure if I will finish before I complete the first border.
The construction of the shawl is like this:

Center: normal back and forth creating a celtic knot
Then the first border (which looks like fir trees to me) is knit in the round after picking up stiches all the way around the center
Then, the final border (which is another celtic knot) is knit perpendicular to the first border so each row binds off 1 stitch

The charts get smaller with each section as well. 

Center: 1 giant 4 page chart. Every other row is charted and the uncharted rows are knit. Every row of the chart is knit 1 time, no repeats across the rows
1st border: single, smaller, one-page chart which charts every other round. The uncharted rounds are purled. The chart is repeated 8 times each round, but each round is only ever knit once
2nd border: super small , only one instance of the chart per row, but the full chart is knit roughly 8 bagillion times.

Basically the shawl is 3 different sections of ridiculousness and yet I still love it. It takes me just about 2 full episodes of LOST to finish a round (80 minutes or so) at this point. At the end of this section there will be 1,096 stitches on the needle. Crazy pants, I know.

Not a great picture, but you can see how big it is

I’m working on another project, but it’s for my sister and it’s sort of a surprise. I will tell you it involves a needle and a hoop. I love it so far. I’ve finished half of it and hope to finish the rest this week. I might post

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