Friday, September 30, 2011

Injury Treatment the make at home way

I have been recruited to teach the 8-11 year old girls at church. Thankfully I don't have to teach the sunday lesson, I teach the midweek lesson. This means i have the blessing and curse of having no manual to teach from. The goal while I'm the leader is really to have fun, let the girls do and create some fun things without making everything super important, but having stuff to show for it.

This week we are doing a injury recovery/first aid sort of lesson. We'll cover some basic stuff but we are also going to make our own heat pads and ice packs. How? Here are the recipes

Things you need:
tube sock
sandwich sized zip-top bags
rubbing alcohol

    food coloring
    sewing machine

For ice packs mix 2 cups water 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and a couple drops of water. Pour the mixture in 1 zip-top bag and zip. Then slip that bag into the second zip-top bag and zip that one. Put into freezer.

For heat packs pour rice in clean tube sock, sew up open end. Heat in microwave for 30 seconds, then squoosh around, put back in for 30 more seconds. Continue until you are happy with the temperature.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer highlights

Summer is over so I'm going to spend a couple posts explaining the highlights of my summer

Back on the fourth of July my little sister came to visit and we

Did puzzles

Played on the Tractor

Goofed around with Jim while waiting for
Played with bubbles while waiting for
Fireworks in Wakefield

Bash Bish Falls

Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden

Eric Carle Museum

Friday, September 23, 2011

Staying Young

Tradition: Young at heart
This picture has nothing to do with the post I just love the first leaf of autumn every year
Story: I am young in age only. My personality does not and never has matched my age. I joke that I’m a 90 year old stuck in a 20 something body, and my dad tell sme I was born old. The only person who thinks I may still have some young child personality left is my husband who often points out that something I do is like a little kid. Here’s my list of ways I keep my personality young, so I don’t take life too seriously

1) Enjoy colors. Don’t shy away from clothes or shoes just because they hae a splash of some crazy color.

2) Dance – we all have a dorky dance, use it. Use it when you’re happy, when you’re celebrating a win (in trivial pursuit beating my husband or Mario kart beating my sister). I actually dance most often while I’m in the kitchen doing chores and such. A little hip swiggle goes a long way.

3) Puddle jump – it’s rainy, the puddles are growing and no one goes outside. Buck the trend. Head out in light clothes and splash in some puddles. Nothing beats the joy of puddle jumping with a pal to see who can splash who the most

4) Try kid flavors – bubblegum ice cream or dr pepper chapstick, cotton candy, etc. It’s a treat I’m not saying eat it every day, but remind yourself every now and then that as fake as the flavors were/are they are still kind of fun

5) Dress up – Halloween is a great time, but I think sometimes just putting on pretty shoes and maybe a touch more makeup or jewelry than usual is an awesome way to play pretend

6) Dream – the impossible, the improbably, orange zebra’s and neon pink turtles, whatever you can think of there is no need to stop yourself from seeing in your mind’s eye all the silliness that you hide while working.

7) Jump in leaves – raking is not fun, but if you rake and leaf jump and again and again it’s tons of fun. Have a leaf fight, enjoy the crisp autumnal air

8) Laugh – no really, if it’s silly laugh, don’t think of it as below you to let out a chuckle

9) Buy dresses/skirts based on twirl factor- it’s not just for princess dresses

10) Nicknames – make up nicknames for your pets, your friends, your loved ones. Not just pet names but actual nicknames

How do you stay young?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ToT- Things to make this fall/winter

Carole’s topic was knitting specific, but I couldn't come up with 10 things to knit in the next few months, so I made it a bit broader and including sewing/cooking

1. Finish my epic shawl – I am on the final border at this point, just ~1,096 rows to go
2. Hat – Jim asked for a hat, I have the yarn, just need to determine the pattern
3. Scarf – for my dad, the most used handknit I’ve ever made was for him so I think he deserves another
4. Wisteria – I think my next reward point will be yarn for the wisteria pattern, I’ve started it before but this time I want to finish it!
5. Socks – I can always use another pair of socks
6. Scarf/mitten/hat – for me, it’s tradition after all
7. Baby items – quick, simple knits to have on hand as more of my friends have babies
8. Cheesecake for my birthday
9. Piece the quilt I’ve had cut out for 2 years
10. Chicken with pop, my all time favorite recipe

As always you can find more ideas using the links on carole's post