Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ToT- Things to make this fall/winter

Carole’s topic was knitting specific, but I couldn't come up with 10 things to knit in the next few months, so I made it a bit broader and including sewing/cooking

1. Finish my epic shawl – I am on the final border at this point, just ~1,096 rows to go
2. Hat – Jim asked for a hat, I have the yarn, just need to determine the pattern
3. Scarf – for my dad, the most used handknit I’ve ever made was for him so I think he deserves another
4. Wisteria – I think my next reward point will be yarn for the wisteria pattern, I’ve started it before but this time I want to finish it!
5. Socks – I can always use another pair of socks
6. Scarf/mitten/hat – for me, it’s tradition after all
7. Baby items – quick, simple knits to have on hand as more of my friends have babies
8. Cheesecake for my birthday
9. Piece the quilt I’ve had cut out for 2 years
10. Chicken with pop, my all time favorite recipe

As always you can find more ideas using the links on carole's post

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