Friday, October 7, 2011

Finally Hitting the Wall

Tradition: Hitting a wall – a term used to describe breaking down at some point in a marathon.

Story: I think I have hit the wall with my epic shawl. How do I know?

1) I cast on something else
2) I finished that something else before I did much on the epic shawl
3) I started re-knitting that something else before making progress on the shawl
4) I start the list of things I want to knit next
5) I plan what to make next (match yarn to pattern, determine how long it will take)
6) I Repeat items 3&4 for multiple projects

This behavior probably seems rather normal to many knitters, but I only knit one thing at a time. I don’t like knitting more than one project unless something isn’t portable (my definition of portable is pretty wide) so when I start adding more than one project I am clearly annoyed/bored/done with whatever I'm working on.

Item 3
The solution of course, is to convince myself to work on the shawl. I’m on the outer edging, but after the first quarter the edging is sort of boring.

Can you sort of see the trees and then the last celtic knot section?

The other problem I’m having is this fear that I will run out of yarn. Every time I look at the amount I have left I have a flutter of fear in my heart. How not knitting will save me from running out of yarn for the shawl is a mystery.I bought WAY more than the pattern called for, but I'm not confident at all. We'll see if I get through it before I'm done.
Will this be enough?

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Ann in the UP said...

Oh, my dear girl, I have total sympathy with you. I can never have enough yarn to relieve that same anxiety about running our!! What's to be done?