Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A great deal

This past weekend we went leaf peeping. When we drive around new England jim is the driver. We do that for a bunch of reasons, but most importantly I want to knit while we drive. I finished Jim’s hat while I was ogling leaves.

The first version of this hat was too short, too pointy and generally not what I wanted. Then I realized that what I really wanted was a stripeless turn a square. The yarn I used is some Peruvian alpaca that I got at NHS&W this year. I have two skeins and it’s relatively thin.

What I ended up doing was cast on with one strand, knit the ribbing (120 stitches 3x2 rib) on the last row of the rib I decreased every 10 stitches. 10 being the magic number because that means every other 3 (of the 3x2 rib) had a decrease. Then I knit a row and then I did decreases again (offset to match up with the other 3 of the 3x2 rib below). I ended up with 96 stitches. Then I knit another two rows. At that point I added a second strand of yarn and knit four rows, dropped to one strand knit four rows. I repeat that stripeless stripe for the whole hat.

The original pattern calls for about 5 inches before starting the decreases. I have a couple fewer stitches for the main section and I wanted the hat to fully cover Jim’s ears so I ended up knitting almost 7” before I started the decreases. The reason I did the stripeless stripes is because I felt the hat was a bit thin so I wanted to add some bulk, plus stripes were not going to happen, Jim would never wear those.

In the end I had to knit the thing a few times. First there was the pointy failure, then there were a couple of turn a squares that were too short, and finally SUCCESS

Perfect ear warming alpaca goodness

More pictures of the leaf peeping later, but first, are you in the market for a spinning wheel? Have you ogled a journey wheel from the Bosworths? Do you hate that the waiting list is multi-year at this point? I have the solution for you! My friend (first online then in real life, she is pretty awesome) is selling her journey wheel so you can skip the long wait! Take a look at her blog

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Michelle said...

It's a good thing that hats can be knit quickly for how finicky they can be! Would he not even wear a black and gray stripe? So sad to live a life without stripes!

And thanks for the shout out. :-)