Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spectator Fun

Tradition: Spectation

Story: I have learned to love watching sports. Some of this comes with being a part of my family where you cheer each other on during races, games, performances, etc. The result of all of this cheering is that I get just as emotionally involved watching a close championship hockey game or triathlon. Over the years I have found athletes and famous people that I refer to as my boyfriend. Boyfriend really just means a good looking fellow who is pretty good at his job as a famous person or athlete.

There is the movie boyfriend

He really has the best smile ever
Ryan (left) running Boston 2011 I took this pic

pic from wikipedia
My baseball boyfriend

I couldn't find a better pic, but this one's decnt

I have dubbed a boyfriend in all the sports I enjoy watching except Triathlons, where I have dubbed a triathlon girlfriend instead.

 Over the weekend there were two big sporting events going on. Neither of them were available on TV (at least not my tv) so I watched part of them online.

The first was the Chicago Marathon where my marathon boyfriend was running and placed 5th. Then there was the Kona ironman championships where my triathlon girlfriend worried me a bit with her swim, but made up time on the bike and then passed people like they were walking on the run. She is amazing!

What sporting events have you watched and who have you cheered for lately?

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