Friday, December 30, 2011

Finishing the Caterpillar for 2011

I had tons of free time at work at the end of the year so I poured through a couple more books. This means I met my goal of 30 books for the year.

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote - No idea how this has been such a major part of popular culture and I still didn't know it was about a real event. For some reason I thought it was just a normal, fictional novel. I was wrong. I enjoyed it a ton, sort of reminded me of books by Ann Rule that I liked as a teenager
Tinkers by Paul Harding -  Weird book. It was fragmented, bouncing between different generations of the same family. I really liked it by the end, but found some of the chapters a bit confusing and out there.
The Art of Mending by Elizabeth Berg - I enjoyed this book, though it was frustrating and annoying at times. It got me thinking of a speech given by one of my favorite chefs awhile ago.
Bailey's Cafe by Gloria Naylor - This is by the author of Mama Day and is a completely different novel, with some of the same things I loved about Mama Day, but with more dark stuff of life. This novel did completely surprise me on the last two pages with a small detail that alludes to another book. It was sort of a prize for reading books and I loved it.

What books did you read to finish out the year?

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Sharp Pointy Sticks said...

My goal for the year was to read 50 books and I actually ended up reading 75 (though I do count audiobooks as reading). Right now I'm reading Little Bee and enjoy it a lot.