Saturday, December 17, 2011

Garden and Time based on RoI

 Super picture heavy post, I love my garden what can I say?

Zinnia from my garden, photo edited in instagram. I want this on a pendant

The garden served us well this year. We are still using up the pasta sauce and salsa and we still have beans in the freezer. We had a long temperate fall so we still had lettuce growing until a couple of days ago. 

Garlic scapes, radishes, carrots and sugar snap peas
Cucumber (which was eventually made into a pickle
Summer squash - will not grow next year, zucchini instead
I had amazing nasturtiums that I just can't describe. I could see the color from my house and every time I walked out to the garden there were more and more of them. There was one that was a coral color, and it opened so wide it looked like a hibiscus. Unfortunately I can't find that picture

Planted in with the tomatoes

Such vibrant colors

Wide variety of colors too
Reminds me of a viola
They bloomed all summer
We had a plethora of sunflowers and that made me so happy!

sun setting behind a super tall one
Sunflower bud, I'm in love with this picture

Red sunflower with a bumblebee
Happy, traditional, sunny sunflowers
Awesome sunflower about 4' tall, but the "petals" are little tubes. SO COOL!
Funky one I tried this year, it stands almost 4' tall but the flower itself looks like a giant dandelion
GIANT leaves oh man they were huge!
Better look at the tubular "petals"
Next year I want to plant even more flowers, even though we had a ton this year.

Zinnias, color was so bright I couldn't get my phone to not make them so crazy looking

These remind me of a toy I had as a kid

Hosta flowers are so short lived I can't usually catch them during daylight when they are all open
Our hostas doubled in size this year, we'll split them in 2012
Balloon flowers are so fun! Looking like little square balloons before they bloom
Lilies at night. These were awesome I wish I had a daylight picture
More perennials
Salvia at the edge of the perennial bed
These bloom like cuh-ra-zee

weeds, a turtle stepping stone, groundcover and some first year plants
overexposed, but one of my favorite views of the perennial bed. Such a fun section of my backyard

I haven't decided if we will do a whole other raised bed garden dedicated to flowers, but I did plant even more bulbs this year, including Queen of the Night tulips, my favorite flower of all time.

Time Based on RoI
This one is going to be a long one. As I explained at the beginning of the year I spent a ton of time on work and work related (read commute) stuff. This was completely dissatisfying. My job was not going to get better and the commute was not going to change. I had two choices, work harder to make the job what I wanted or find a better job. I started looking and interviewing almost immediately, while at the same time attempting to figure out what opportunity I could make at my company. Then I had a meeting that made clear how little opportunity was going to be available to me. Thankfully my applications and interviews finally panned out and I was able to leave and cut my commute by 2 hours per day.

This singular change has had a huge impact. First, I get to sleep enough, I can get up early and accomplish something whether that be chores or attending bootcamp. I get home about the same time, but I have so much mental energy left it is amazing. My mood is better because I don't hate 1/2 of my day and my commute is amazing. I drive by a wall of lilacs and then a perfectly New England field with an adorable farmhouse at the other side. I'm hoping that next spring I can take a weekend and drive my commute, stopping to take pictures along the windy hilly road.

I also crossed something off of my life list. I made the epic shawl in less than one year and even though I was sick of it by the time I finishsed, I am so glad I did it. In every stitch there is the progression of this year. The year when I built my life as my own. There have been no regrets this year and that's because I focused my time on what I knew to be the best investment. Absolutely going to continue using this mentality as I go forward


Ann in the UP said...

What a wonderful post. It is 6 degrees here and so I loved the walk through your garden. Plus I loved how you made such positive changes in your life in such an organized and thoughtful way. Good for you!!!

Julie said...

It was an amazing garden year wasn't it! Love all your garden pictures.