Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nine Months

9 months. Some people use 9 months to make a human being. I would not do such a life changing thing, but I did use 9 months to create this

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle
This would be the epic shawl. Let me give you a closer look
Center Celtic Knot

Edging 1
Edging 2, the Second Celtic Knot

Gratuitous Close-up Shot
The shawl called for 3800 yards, I bought 4125 yards, but still ran out and had to buy a partial skein off of someone from ravelry. I ended up using an extra 5 grams. The dye lot doesn't match so the color is more of a true grey than the rest of the shawl (which is a brownish grey). You can see the color difference in the first picture (upper rightish)

The blocking was tough. I pinned out just the center, sprayed it with water and let it dry. Then I folded the shawl in half and pinned out just the edging. I could have done a better job with that, but It still worked out. The biggest problem is that I could have stretched it a bit bigger if I had tried and maybe I should have, it would made it even bigger, but believe me when I say it is big enough. i would guess that mine is about 6.5 ft across.

There is so much more to write, everything else that happened in my life as I was knitting, but I'll save that for my traditions posts to wrap up the year.


KnittingReader said...

Congratulations! It is gorgeous and a great accomplishment.

Michelle said...

The epic shawl! Love it! I can't imagine trying to block a 6 foot round shawl so I think you did a great job. :-)

Ann in the UP said...

Wow, what an undertaking! It's beautiful, but I can only imagine your frustration at running out of yarn!

Brady and Brittney said...

Epic is a good word. That's amazing! Funny how I would rather use those 9 months to make a human than create that shawl. I think you chose the harder route! Beautiful!