Thursday, December 15, 2011

Running and Moment of Happy

We are still running, though in the month of December I felt the need to mix it up a bit. I have started going to a bootcamp workout class ever Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. I love it. Even in just the first two weeks I have made major improvements in strength and tone throughout my entire body so I'm pretty psyched. I am not sure that the monthly cost going forward will be feasible, but the amazon local deal made it worth trying. We'll see come January if I keep going for a month or two.

The new tradition I wanted to build in 2011 was a Moment of Happy. I think the general idea was a huge success. The little things became even more enjoyable, I laughed with friends and family. I noticed the small things that were worth a smile. I also found some silly jewelry and accessories that make me smile!
This one is courtesy of my friend Christina
 Since this was such a success I've decided that I am going to keep this tradition going, but next year I think I will focus on documenting a little bit better. I haven't figured out how I want to document, but hopefully I'll figure it out come January

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