Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winding up 2011

At the beginning of the year I set out to incorporate some new traditions into my life. Over the next month I’m going to review them, determine how I think they are working out and whether or not I think the tradition should be continued going forward.

I’ll start with the theme of the year: Get To It I have a self-sufficient opinion on happiness and the pursuit thereof. I think that most people know the things they need to do and most people find excuses not to do those things. I am most assuredly one of those people. I re-recognized this at the beginning of 2011. So much had happened in 2010 that made me sad, angry, etc. So back in January when I wrote the theme Get To It, I knew what I needed to get done to be a happier more complete version of me. I also knew I was the only one who could make these changes. 2011 was not perfect, it has had happy things, sad things, fun things, hard things, but it is ending with the Britt I have lived my whole life for. It is cliché to say that I have been waiting for a year like this my whole life, but I have. It was a year that was full of me dictating actions, plans and filling my days with the things I needed to be doing. There will be more long winded explanations as I go through each tradition in the next week or two.

Old: Running
New in '11: Moment of Happy

Old: Garden
New in '11: time based on ROI

Old: Caterpillar
New in '11: Time Out!

Old and New: Religion expanded

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Ann in the UP said...

I'm looking forward to your evaluation of your changes.