Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 New tradition #1 Documenting the *Noticed*

Last year I worked on including a moment of happy in every day. This was super successful and has now become a part of my life in a traditional way. It’s something I do most of the time without thinking or questioning, and I’m a more complete person because of it.

This year I want to add and expand it just a little. I want to document. I want to document my moment of happy, but I also want to document the things that happen in my life. I recently purchase a small journal that I have tucked into the pocket on my car door. I take 1 minute every day to write in it either right when I pull into my office, right before I head home or when I get home and have a silent moment in my garage. Some days I write about what I eat, some days I write about what I did, some days it is just general notes or thoughts from the day and some days it’s what made me happy. This is the sort of documentation I want. Generic, not exciting, not worth sharing, but it brings a focus to a day that can be otherwise quite chaotic and disjointed. Then there are the pictures. I want pictures, I want to stop and take all the pictures I didn’t take during my commute this year and I want to edit them. A daily photo-journal is not my thing so I’m going to be semi-concrete about the whole thing and see how it plays out.

3 photos per week, one of which must be a self portrait of some kind and one photo must be blogged per week.

My desk turtle reminding me to wear my glasses

Any ideas for photos you want to take this year or think I should take? What are some of your favorite self-portraits?

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