Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 New Tradition #2 Clearing out to build

Now that some things outside of my house (job, etc) are not eating my soul I have noticed the how un-homey my house feels. I want my house to feel like mine, to feel like OUR house and I want it to be comfortable to live in. So this tradition includes making my house into my home. To start the tradition I’m focusing on some concrete, definable actions: Adding more real food to our pantry and less packaged/processed food and deep cleaning/de-junking

There are other ways in which I’m clearing out as well. I’m not going to spread myself thin across a bunch of different social engagements. I love being social, but once social engagements become a burden instead of an inviting activity I know I need to clear out my calendar. I’m hoping by being smarter with my social engagements I will make the effort to talk to everyone at the events and to really develop friendships through conversations.

What are you building this year? Are you ridding yourself of anything?

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