Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The clearing, and obtaining

I have been clearing out the rooms of my house, but I've also been thinking of a couple of things that I would find enjoyable to own.

This year I want a basket. I've been trying to find the exact thing, but it's tough to define. First, I would use it to walk out to the garden and pick lettuce, and then later in the year it would need to hold tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and all sorts of other vegetables.

For this garden basket it want a basket with a handle that I can hold in the crook of my arm and it needs to be big, but not super huge.

A couple of types that I have found that I like so far
This is a metro basket, I have one already (without the weird scrunching top, it's just open) that I currently use for yarn. It's nice, modern (maybe to modern), but it's sort of huge, plus I'm not sure the fabric is the best plan for a garden basket.

Something like this looks pretty good, but I'd have to hold it to know if it is comfortable (plus the price is pretty steep). I would probably take the fabric out.

Then there are the other things I want  use the basket for. Bread and such. oh man so many uses, but I don't want a house full of baskets I just want one that works perfectly for the garden and sufficiently for the rest of it.

I think my best bet is to start looking at thrift shops where I can try a basket out and then not pay through the nose when I find one I like.

Where do you find garden items that they don't sell at the big box garden shops?

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Michelle said...

Baskets can be so expensive! I have one more bin of stuff in the house to donate (and maybe a cabinet) and no plans to bring anything new in. It feels good, doesn't it?