Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crafty Wrap-up 2011

Before I start explaining how the new traditions for the year I should finish up the craftiness of 2011.

This year I was determined to not stress myself out by making Christmas gifts. I knew that the shawl would not be finished until at least November and getting things done and shipped is nerve wracking. Of course then all anyone wanted was homemade stuff so I made a couple of exceptions

1) My little sister is off to college in a cold place and requested handkerchiefs. She is a genuinely environment conscious person and seems to attempt a lot of the little things that I never think about, like replacing the everyday Kleenex with a better choice. So I bought some cute flannel and cut out 10x10 squares

then, turned the edge and blanket stitched it with some bright yarn I had left over from socks.

2) Back in October my older sister asked me nicely if I could possibly make my Nephew and Brother in law matching hats. I knew immediately what to do and then I decided that my sister needed one too. I was going to make hers more girly and not exactly the same, but every hat I tried was a disaster. As I ran out of time I realized that she could have the same hat too. So, a family of hats!

I have no idea why my sister looks like a monster, but maybe it fits her personality? (j/k I love her)

3) That same sister also has a birthday near Christmas. This time, I wasn’t making her anything at all. Then I started a cowl for myself using some yarn I had bought on my first business trip (to Indianapolis). It was so soft, gorgeous and I had the perfect buttons! I was going to love it. Then I was at a knitting group where a mother with a young child was mentioning how much better a cowl was than a scarf. It stays in place, no one tugs one end and strangles you, it doesn’t get somehow wedged awkwardly when you get in and out of a car. Since she has a young child (a cute little ginger-headed 1 year old) I thought my sister could use it. It doesn’t match the hat, but I hope she will wear it just the same.

That's me looking scaryville before sending it off to her

So that’s how I started making 0 gifts for Christmas and ended up making 5! This year one of my traditions will definitely be crafty-focused that way I may be able to give ALL handmade gifts that people genuinely love and hopefully I can do so without losing my cool.

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