Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am spread too thin and I am having trouble eliminating because I love so much of what I do.

I am still in love with my scarf even after the halfway point

I hate self portraits, I need something creative to do for them

I miss flowers
I miss family

There is no true substitute for either and the fake/virtual attempts are fun, but nothing like the real thing

Despite all early indications I believe I am a morning person (relatively speaking). This will be an entire post sometime soon.

I hate tracking (which is different than documenting) stuff (food, spending, exercise, earnings) it is tedious and no matter how effective I know it is, I hate it.

I am sick of my cold. I’ve been diligent with handwashing, but I continue to go out in public so I have caught a second one this year

I need strengthen my ankles, especially the left one

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omly said...

Oh man do I understand that feeling of being overstretched.