Friday, January 27, 2012

Knitting Plans

I’ve been thinking of the things I want to make this year and I’ve started a list. I basically want to knit 1 thing per month, which means I really need to get moving. The scarf I’m working on is only about 2/3 done and there is less than a week left in January. Some things I really want to make:

Cheshire Cat shawl (made as a scarf, not shawl) This is the January project I need to hurry up and finish
Cookie A socks either Pointelle or Marilinda I have some lovely Wollemeise that is purpley-maroon
Color Affection I can't convince myself to buy the kit because I don't LOVE the color combinations, but eventually I might cave
Boy socks
More boy socks
Fingerless Mitts out of some handspun I bought from may awesome spinner friend
Wisteria I’ve had the pattern since it came out and I will have to buy a ton of yarn, but I still really want to make it.

So that’s about half of what I want to make, but I still want to reach at least 12 for the year.What are you making this year? what do you want to make? what else should I add to my list?


Michelle said...

I really like Wisteria. And I've been wanting to make Color Affection too, but I'm waiting for the pattern alone to come out since the kits are sold out as far as I can tell. Plus I'd rather use stash. Should be Feb sometime when it can be purchased!

omly said...

I am no help for knitting ideas. I am knitting boy socks too :P