Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random Happiness

Random, the first: A friend sent me a link to an adorable woot shirt, but first a story.
Our turtles are fun and every now and then we have fun with them. We were in the kitchen and Jim picked up Claude quickly flipped him on his back and spun him lightly and told me “he’s break dancing” then put him back on his feet and Claude set off to pace the perimeter. 

It was hilarious. On that same (or the very next) day my friend sent me a link to a woot shirt that was so perfect. 


I got one for Jim and one for me. They arrived the other day and I even convinced Jim to take a picture of us in our matching-ness. We are dorks, but I love us and our break dancing turtle shirts

Random the second: Superbowl commercials

This year I didn’t LOVE most of the superbowl commercials, but I enjoyed the full-version M&M commercial. Then through twitter or some other internet following I was given a link to something awesome. Just plain,straight up, make my day awesome. I hope you enjoy the randomly make someone’s day awesomeness as well.

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Teresa C said...

First, thanks for that link! My husband and his brother and friends played pick-up hockey for years. We (the wives or girlfriends or whatever we were at the time) would go, but we were few and not a crowd by any stretch. They will love this!

Second, go check out my latest blog post! ;)