Friday, February 17, 2012

Why not try?

So I run across this thing online about "10 things you didn't know you could freeze". It listed basic stuff (butter, cheese, bread). It made me think of this recurring theme in my life. How do people not know this? Why is it that there are so many things that I really do consider basic, that other people are just flabbergasted by? It is not that I believe I know everything, it's that I know what knowledge I lack and how to gain it if I want it. 

Then I was talking to my friend last week, basically about the same thing. She was just asked to be in charge of the monthly mid-week women's activity at church. We were talking about some activities that we have had in the past. I shared my surprise at how different my definition of "basic" is from other people, but an even bigger surprise is how intimidated people are by these things I have always thought of as basic. Consider this, even if you haven't tried to make bread is it really so mystifying that you wouldn't at least try it if you had an interest? Yet, how many times do you see something and think, wow, that is so cool I wish I had that talent/skill/ability. Why don't you try it? Is it fear of failure? I'm not sure that is the whole story. 

 So then I decided to explore why I think it is just no big deal to try something I've never done before. 

conclusion? My parents are awesome (not news if you have read previous posts about my family). 
First, my parents showed us many of the basic skills, so basics don't scare me. The following list is by no  means exclusive, my parents knowledge was overlapping, but in my memory bank I associate some things just with my dad and some just with my mom.

  • My mom taught me how to get around a kitchen. Cooking is not scary because my mom never kicked me out of the kitchen
  • My dad taught me money skills, I have had an account at a credit union since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and I have had a credit card since I was a teenager.  I may be married to an accountant who handles the budgeting and such, but I have the necessary knowledge if it becomes my responsibility again.
  • My mom taught me the importance of being on time
  • My dad made me change a car tire because it's not that hard and there is no reason to rely on some sketchy dude in the middle of an empty parking lot.
  • Both of my parents showed me so many ways to use my creativity for more than just making a mess (though they let me make plenty of messes too)

Then why do I not find it odd to try new things? My parents try new stuff all the time. My mom has done more crafty things than even the craftiest poeple I know. Then after I left the house she added some crazy new fitness stuff to her life and at this point she runs marathons, triathlons and still manages to be crafty. Just because she can. With an example like that there is no reason I can't just try something new, what is the worst that can happen? I am bad at it, or I don't like it, at least I tried.

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Ann in the UP said...

Thanks for this excellent and encouraging post. My girls aren't afraid either----but my mom was always afraid I'd break my glasses.

Not much of a fear to base your life decisions on, I think.