Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Color Affection

I watched the color affection kits for ages and none of them spoke my name. So, while at SPA I scrounged the marketplace for three skeins of sock yarn that would fit my personality, the pattern and my wardrobe. I linked to the yarn in a previous post, but it is String theory Caper sock in Viola, Pewter and Black Tulip.

For my March project I decided that the yarn was ready to be used so I cast on with my favorite of the three (viola) and started knitting. This yarn is lovely, once knit up it gets a touch fuzzy, I don’t mean pilly I mean it has almost a halo, but not quite. The viola colorway is purple/teal that creates the illusion of iridescence. The pewter is a soft, warm grey and the Black tulip does remind me almost exactly of Queen of the night tulips.

 Anyways, it is amazing. As I knit through the first section I had to decide which color to use next and I decided the Pewter would be good and then finished with the Black Tulip.

I would actually love to see shawls knit in these same three colors, but in a different order because I think the order really determines the look of the final product. At the end I used a size 13 to do the cast-off and didn’t even block it. I just started wearing it around. I LOVE IT. It’s the perfect accessory to an otherwise boring outfit and it’s the perfect warm, light, drapey scarf for a chilly day.

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Michelle said...

Very pretty! It's funny how different that shawl can look depending on the order of the colors.