Friday, March 30, 2012

Serious Family

Serious Family
My family, we are a force to be reckoned with. We are tight knit and sometimes conversations (real-life or virtual) are just unbelievable and could only really happen with my family. Let me give you two examples from my recent life.
Many people are annoyed when people post pictures of their meal on social media sites (twitter, facebook, g+) I love it.

Let’s examine the following picture of my mother’s recent dinner

Take note of the following
1)    It’s a real dinner made from real food
2)    Real plates, silverware
3)    Real serving dishes for the homemade rolls, the fancy-fied salad
4)    Handmade hotpads under the peppers
5)    Homemade jam (likely from local berries)

These all point to some Martha-stewart-esque-ness that is my mother. So what does the familial conversation revolve around? Well let's recount the conversation found in the comments of this picture

Me: I think you need a real butter dish
Mom: I am hurt that you are not impressed with my little Styrofoam dish with leftover butter from a church activity.
Mom, Later: My jam container is very elite also

Dear reader, please look back at the picture. Do you see the jam container?

Can you identify it? No? me neither, but my mom is about to expound, are you ready for it?

Mom, continued: It’s an “I can’t believe it’s not butter dish” from my mom

Did you catch that? No? Let my little sister really point out the ridiculousness of it

My little sister:  I love that we have hand me down, used, fake tupperware.... totes class ;)

(bolding from me)
I read this conversation and I died laughing. Oh my word we are our own dichotomy. I love us.

Then there is this awesomeness that I put out for my sister (who I am visiting soon)

ME: You need to compile a list for me of:
What food you want me to make while I'm there
What food you want me to make for your freezer while I'm there
Any other fun projects you want me to do while I'm there

My mom:  Playing with (nephew) is top of the list!! Wish I was gonna be there too. Oh, the trouble we could get in!!
ME (and here is where my family awesome comes out): mom, obviously, but there are rumors that he naps, plus I post stuff all the time and (big sister) says "I want some" and this time she can actually have some, because I will be there, in the flesh, to make it. It's like an on demand Britt in your kitchen (mess and all). I know what you are thinking, "Who could ask for more?" Well, (big sister) because she is getting an on demand Britt with a side of (bro-inlaw), (other sister) and a bonus (other bro-in-law) all in her kitchen! It's like an infomercial in her new house. I bet that's why she bought it.
My little sister (the one that commented about fake Tupperware): But wait... act now, Mom if you buy one round trip ticket you too can enjoy the on demand Britt, side of (this sister's husband) and a bonus (this sister).... and we will throw in an adorable grandbaby along with his hard working parents but Act fast, this deal will not last much longer ;)

What you don’t create infomercials about your family in your spare time? I suggest you start now, it is to hilarious for you to avoid.

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