Thursday, March 1, 2012

SPA and February Roundup

Last weekend I went to SPA up in Freeport, ME. The weather was gorgeous. It threatened to snow but never amounted to much. The sun was shining so I got out and went to all of the outlet shops. Didn’t buy much, a large LL bean canvas bag I found a large with long handles for 20 bux at the outlet shop (regularly $30). I also got an insulated travel mug thing. I wanted to find an awesome leather bag, but neither wilson’s leather nor nine west had one I wanted. So I bought a cheap pair of house slippers at nine west instead. They are hideous, but so comfy and cheap. When I wasn't shopping I spent plenty of time hanging out in front of the fireplace

Then there is the yarn. I brought the pattern with me for Color Affection (you can also find it on ravelry) and I spent a good 20 minutes comparing color combinations. I ended up with three gorgeous skeins from String Theory and I love it. Rather than try to get a good picture of it, I’m going to tell you to head over to her webpage and look at


I made my way through the vendor area multiple times but nothing else called my name. I was really hoping to find some cashmere (or something over 50% cashmere) yarn to make something luxurious. Unfortunately there was nothing that fit my needs in that regard. The weekend was long (4 days) and it was wonderful to hang out with friends, meet new people and just knit when I wanted to and yet I didn’t feel stuck. It was wonderful.

While at spa I ended up finishing the socks. I think they are pretty, I love the reverse stockinette sole, but they don’t fit. I was afraid this would happen. They fit in the leg, the foot is a touch wide, but wouldn’t be bad if the gusset wasn’t so huge. I hate it. I knew I didn’t need a heel flap that was so long, but I did it anyways which resulted in a GIANT gusset. I wore them once, but I’m not sure if I’ll wash and wear again or just wash and rip out and reknit. We’ll see.

At some point on Friday night I got sick of the socks and decided to break my normal monogamy rule of knitting. So I cast on the rick rack rib scarf in the duchess yarn I bought at the Hub Mills Grand opening a week earlier. I have already finished the scarf and as soon as I block it I will send it off to my dad so he has a new scarf to wear.

So that makes 1 January project and 2 February projects. We’ll see how much I get done in March.


Michelle said...

It was great to see you over the weekend! If your numbers keep going in the direction they are, you'll get three projects done this month!

SparkCrafted said...

Mmmm, that String Theory looks yummy! I especially love the Black Tulip - captures the exact color perfectly!

It was great popping into you all those times over the weekend!