Friday, May 25, 2012

Garden update May

We added a perennial bed to the garden. Planted a ton of seedlings and then sprinkled a ton of seeds around. All of them seem to be doing well.

We also cleared out this grassy area right by our garage. I wish I had taken a before picture. Here is the after.

There are mostly annuals and then a few perennials.

One of the perennials was a succulent with adorable flowers

A couple weeks ago my friend (I can't call him my boss any more) dug up some hyacinths from his yard and brought them for me. I planted them here and in the perennial garden around the patio. They should be amazing next year.

My friend also gave me some hens and chicks. We added them to the rock wall and then we bought a few more. They are already sprouting chicks and it's AWESOME!

Henandchick from my friend, I love the red just at the tip, it's so dainty

Chick coming off a hen

Mix of some from my friend and some the Jim bought me
To finish it off we dug up the phlox that we had growing along the edge of the vegetable garden and added it above the rocks. Then we bought a couple more. We also threw some seeds down and planted a dahlia. This summer is going to be garden-rific!

Pink Phlox

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