Thursday, May 31, 2012

Knitting Roundup

Once again we are going back in time for a post:

March is WAY over so I am going to recap my March knitting which was basically

My scarf/shawl

Knitted food!

My sister asked me to knit her son a bunch of food so he can "cook" while she cooks. so I borrowed my friend's book and busted out all the food items in it. Then I scrounged the interwebs for other patterns and wound up with this:

Corn, tomato, bean/pea, mushroom, garlic, carrot, fried egg, eggplant, cherries, potatoes and a poptart

Toys are so fun to knit so in addition to food I also knit up my friend's caterpillar (made to look like the one form the Eric Carle book)

Then I visited my sister and found a kitchen for my nephew at a thrift store. 

I think his food looks quite nice in that awesome kitchen
Next up? Wisteria!

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