Friday, May 18, 2012

A moment in my neighborhood

Tradition: My neighborhood

We chose our house based on a few things
 1. It had 2 bathrooms on the same floor as the master bedroom
 2. It had a 2 car garage
 3. It was in a less expensive town (relatively speaking) but still an awesome neighborhood

My neighborhood is quiet; I can't say I know any of my neighbors. I've talked to Peter (next door) a couple times and I've yelled at another one for being a jerk. I know there are families around (I see children skating, running, biking) and I notice when new cars are around and such. In general though, there isn't drama, the cops are not often called to our neighborhood and the last time I saw more than 1 cop/firetruck/ambulance was when I was in my car accident a year and a half ago. My next door neighbors have a bonafide white picket fence around their front yard.

That was until Mothers day, I called my mom on my fancy phone so we could see each other and while on the phone we heard a firetruck coming down our street. Jim went out to see what was going on. He ducked back in the door and said in a loud whisper. "they’re boxing!" With that I had to check it out and saw a cop car, an ambulance and a firetruck. Eventually we determined that people at house A (down the cul-de-sac, across the street from our house) were actually boxing - with gloves and such - on their front lawn and/or their driveway. I know what you are thinking? The cops are there, shouldn't the fight be broken up?!

The best part about this? The emergency service entourage was not even at that house! It appears there was a medical situation of some sort at house B (next to boxing folks home). So of course I had to text my best friend and partner in snark

Me: Neighborhood fight club, on our neighbors’ front lawn… WHILE their next door neighbors have cops, fire and ambulance for unrelated event

Best Friend: First rule of fight club: don’t ever talk about fight club. Second rule of fight club: don’t ever fight on someone’s front lawn. Duh.

I think my neighborhood lost a level of class that day, but made up for it in hilarity.

I encourage you to tell a story about your neighborhood. Funny, silly, sad or ridiculous, blog it and let me know!


jacob said...

My back fence neighbor was murdered by his ex-wife.

Susan said...

I can't even begin to compare to Jacob's neighbors. I always thought it was funny that my next door neighbor, who is so conservative that he nailed a Bush/Cheney sign over his front door for five years (right through the vinyl siding), goes into his basement on weekends, cranks up the country music, and sings along (badly) to it at a very high volume. That basement window is near my driveway and my kids are always out there shooting hoops so you'd think he would keep the window closed when he does that, but no.