Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ten on Tuesday My todo list

 Because I’m currently taking a class-type thing I have had to be super diligent about time management. I SUCK at time management. I am on time to everything, but when it comes to getting stuff done (especially around the house) I am horrible. So this past weekend I set up a list on one of the 3 whiteboards in my house. I even broke it into days. Hopefully that keeps me on track, but then there are those BIG projects that need to get accomplished this spring/early summer and Carole had a perfectly timely topic for ToT

1. Finish de-junking the house – I only have 2 rooms and the attic left. It should take me less than two weekends to complete, but it’s a matter of getting it done

2. Sell some furniture – getting rid of some corner shelving and possibly every piece of furniture in the dining room

3. Organize basement – this is where my saw and drills are kept and it has become a warehouse of leftovers from completed projects

4. Price list – we’ve been focusing on our budget this year and I keep meaning to put together my list of “standard” prices for stuff so I know when a sale/coupon is worthwhile and we should stock up

5. Air it out – I try to do this every weekend that it isn’t rainy or cold, but it involves opening ALL the windows in the house and all the doors. Get some airflow through the house and make things a wee less stuffy

6. Wash windows – possibly same day as air it out

7. Clean carpets – with my new vacuum and a carpet cleaner I can make my carpets hap, happ, happy (and hopefully last another 2 years)

8. Wash/clean out cars – I love washing my car by hand, it is something that seems so summery

9. Enjoy my garden – weed a bit here and bit there, get everything in Memorial weekend

10. Smile – this year is about me, my happiness and how to make that gel with the important things and people in my life. It’s on every to do list.

As always you can see more ToT lists at Carole's Blog

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