Thursday, August 16, 2012

Garden overload

It happens every July/August. The garden gets going and I can barely keep up with it, let alone write about it. We did not grow squash this year, only zucchini and we had just the perfect amount. I was able to give some away, but didn't feel like I was begging people to take it. I got to make almost everything I wanted to out of it.
Our dill was well past usable by the time we had cucumbers for pickles. That was disappointing, but we'll have to figure some way to make it work next year. The garlic was my biggest surprise this year. We planted some garlic that I bought while I was out in Oregon. It is almost sweet but still so pungent. I wish I knew the variety so I could get more. I know I could just re-plant but we only have 15 or so heads and I would have to plant the entire crop to get the amount I want next year.
Eggplant is amazing this year and we grew the best jalapeno peppers. To balance out the success our carrots were pretty pathetic

Our flowers went CRAZY along with our life. Hopefully I'll get my pictures organized soon so I can post them. For now I'll leave you with this awesome zinnia. I think it was in a packet of seeds for "firecracker zinnias"

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