Thursday, February 21, 2013

Christmas Knitting

Sure Christmas was two months ago, but I never really wrote about the awesomeness that was my Christmas knitting. My little sister (currently residing in So. Cal) pinned a blanket on pinterest. I knew the blanket would be easy, but very costly to recreate so we got chatting about some other options for her.

I had seen Umaro in person at Webs awhile back and recommended that along with a handful of other options. She thought umaro would be perfect and then we had to get into a very involved discussion revolving around yarn. Her specifications: Machine washable,  natural colored and squishy. I immediately thought of a handful of wool yarns I have used in the past, but most of them weren't washable so were not an option. Then there were some really cheap options, lionbrand, red heart, vannas choice, etc. None of those highlighted the squishy-factor that she was looking for. In the end I went back to one of my very favorite blanket yarns: Berroco Comfort Chunky

This yarn is perfectly squishy and since I bought it at webs it wasn't hugely expensive, though it would have been cheaper had it been on sale. Also note, that while webs keeps their entire stock of yarn online, they no longer keep all of it at their store location so even if it says they have 30 skeins in the same dye lot you may only be able to find 6 in store. This is not a dig on webs, I love them and always recommend them as a yarn source, great prices and wonderful customer service.

So I started on 10.5, then went to 11s, then back to 10.5 because the yarn is slightly smaller than the one called for in the pattern.  A couple restarts and all was well. 11 skeins later I got that sucker done! It was even off in the mail well before Christmas!
Color is WAY Off in this picture, but that's pretty much the whole thing
So it arrived before Christmas, and she really wanted to open it early, but she didn't (way more willpower than me). She even dragged the box all the way to AZ where she ended up spending Christmas at the last minute. So hilarious

Color is right here, and it looks perfect in use!
Of course after binding off I found a zillion mistakes, but nothing catastrophic so I left them in and I don't think the recipient really minded

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Susan said...

I like the blanket, and it looks like your sister does, too. I've noticed that sometimes my WEBS orders will come from two different locations, though the put everything in the same package. I guess they really are that big!