Wednesday, June 19, 2013


There has been a big surge (at least in my community of friends) of niche clubs/boxes. The basic premise is you have an interest in X so a company will put together a package around X and mail it to you on a monthly/quarterly basis. Here are some that I find interesting (note, none of these companies are in anyway paying me to promote their stuff, these are just some I would love to be a part of if I had the money/inclination)

1) Madeline Tosh sweater club
2)Powell’s indespensible book club
3) Birchbox
4) Julep Nail Polish Club
5) Any Harry & David fruit club
6) NatureBox
7) Any of a bunch of the different fitness/snacks boxes available (example KlutchClub)

What Niche clubs do you dream of joining? Are you in any clubs that you love?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Packing Fun

Let’s pretend you were going to leave your current home and move across the country. Let’s also pretend that you are not getting rid of your current home for awhile. If this were the case what would you pack and what would you leave? Recently my husband was planning to move (without me, with plans for us eventually to live in the same location in the future based on jobs, selling the house, etc)and so I had plenty of time to think about packing. Then he wasn’t, so I had plenty of time to start thinking of what I want to get rid of what I want to keep forever.

In the process this is what I determined: If I were to move across the country today I would start by filling my car with bins/vacuum-packed bags full of my clothes and yarn. I’d bring all of my knitting needles and my sewing machine and currently started sewing projects. That’s all I think I could fit in my car.

If I then had a small moving truck I would fill it with all “my” stuff including but not limited to a bed, a dresser, a lamp or two, a fan maybe a few blankets and some select kitchen items, books, a couple odds and ends from around the house

From the kitchen: Pots (we have two great ones), square pyrex dish, couple of cookie sheets, my mixer, parchment paper, couple cutting boards, my knife (which really needs sharpened), bench knife (which is less a knife and more a wide hunk of metal with a handle), couple scraper spatulas, some other random utensils and such.

Books: most of my books fit into three categories: cooking, crafting (mostly knitting and quilting) and fiction. 99% of the fiction books I read I get rid of so that collection is small. Most of my knitting books are prized and most of my cooking books are awesome. All would have to come with at some point sooner rather than later.

What would you bring? This is not an exercise “in an emergency grab x and leave” this is an exercise of more flexibility less criticality.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


There are some great topics given by Carole over on Carole Knits but sometimes Bridgett comes up with other great topics. So I am stealing from her most recent and I’m going to tell you about 10 Teachers that made a difference. These are all “formal” teachers, but some are school and some are religious teachers. *note, this is a mix of school and religious teacher from my youth

1) Ms. H (see post about her here) – she recently retired and that is a crime against the Salem-Keizer School District

2) Mrs. F (3rd grade) – the thing I remember most about this entire school year was my teacher’s ability to use different voices for each character in a book. She read aloud to the class and I remember her reading The Indian in the Cupboard series and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (and crying)

 3) Mrs. B (my sisters’ teacher) – I always wanted to be in her class, but due to her moving from Kindergarten to 1st grade the year I was in Kindergarten (then first grade) her class was too full so I was never in there. She was amazing at teaching for multiple abilities/levels all in the same class, plus she knew all the goodbyes (see ya later alligator, in awhile crocodile, see ya soon baboon, etc)

4) Sister B – I couldn't tell you what age I was when she was my Sunday school teacher but she was the sister/aunt of some family friends. I know she was more used to teaching older kids (teenagers) because she did a lot of things that I recognized (in the future) as seminary- focused. That’s probably why I liked her, she treated us like real people, not just like kids that didn’t know what was going on. She was great!

5) Brother P – He was our teacher my last year of primary (age 11 turning 12). I liked him because sometimes he would get super off topic and we’d have “life” discussions. I am not sure what was going on in his normal life, but I always felt he got as much out of class as we did, so I really liked being a contributing factor. I’m friends with his wife on facebook and she was recently diagnosed with a pretty fast moving/growing/spreading/bad cancer. I am going to have to write them a letter

6) Brother H – WORST religious teacher I ever had. He and I butted heads over logistics and doctrine. He implied many things that are just straight up NOT TRUE. He was pretty buddy buddy with some kids in my seminary class, but he and I were not friends. He found out I wouldn’t attend seminary graduation so he asked me to speak (I love giving talks) but he had no idea how bad of an idea that was for him. He assigned a section which he had previously taught as being really focused on women’s “inherent” gifts and other garbage that is easy to assume, but completely misses the point of the passage. So I took that section and used in my introduction to a completely non-religious look at how music impacts and influences our lives, moods and feelings. I’m still VERY proud of that speech, but it did nothing to tell people that I learned anything scriptural while in his class (2.5 years of poor teaching)

 7) Mr. G (Middle school Geography aka history/places) – worst drawer ever. His united states always looked like a 3 year old drawing a cat, but he was good natured about it

8) Mr. M (Freshman Science) – Taught the basics of science and expected kids to behave in the classroom, but he wasn’t as serious a person as it appeared. He always used that saying “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig. I’m sure he was using that in reference to some very specific traits in very specific people, but I never caught on and looking back I don’t remember who he was referring to (so it was probably me).

9) Mr. S (Freshman Math) – The one and only teacher I think I truly missed out on in High School. I moved schools after freshman year (and then had to re-take a math class, long, painful story) I did not have the benefit of going through the entire Honors Math program at my first high school, which was basically taught by one guy. He was an amazing math teacher, could explain things 12 ways so those that didn’t get it from the first lesson, understood it by the time the test came around. He played guitar, read more than anyone. He had some really random posters around his room (like the corn palace and head smashed in buffalo jump) and he had busts of famous math/science dudes that you could sit on your desk during tests to bring you good juju. It was hilarious to have Euclid on your desk in the middle of a geometry exam.

10) Mr O – taught my computer class by default, he was originally an economics(?) teacher I think. Anyways, way too invested in us kids which was a huge benefit to us, but I’m not sure how he ever had a normal life. I don't think he teaches school any longer(though maybe) and that’s too bad, but probably better for him in the long run. He taught and competed in martial arts as well and had his own gym. I should really at some point attempt o figure out what happened because he was a huge help in getting me a job in HS and getting me into a decent college.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What's Making me Happy This Week

In the repeated effort to try and both document my life and prove to myself that my life is less boring than I make it seem I’m back to writing a week’s worth of blog posts and scheduling them to post every couple days. This usually lasts 2 weeks (meaning two sessions of writing posts) before I drop it like a hot pencil.

To keep motivation I’ve decided to start stealing ideas from other people. Since I have professed my love for Pop Culture Happy Hour here before I’m going to steal their recurring segment “What’s Making Me Happy This Week” Today I’m going to share with you two things

1st a Blog:
2nd a Podcast featuring the author of that blog: Episode 226 of Books on the Nightstand . The first half is fine, but the reason I’m really even recommending this episode starts at about 15:30 into the podcast.