Monday, June 10, 2013

Packing Fun

Let’s pretend you were going to leave your current home and move across the country. Let’s also pretend that you are not getting rid of your current home for awhile. If this were the case what would you pack and what would you leave? Recently my husband was planning to move (without me, with plans for us eventually to live in the same location in the future based on jobs, selling the house, etc)and so I had plenty of time to think about packing. Then he wasn’t, so I had plenty of time to start thinking of what I want to get rid of what I want to keep forever.

In the process this is what I determined: If I were to move across the country today I would start by filling my car with bins/vacuum-packed bags full of my clothes and yarn. I’d bring all of my knitting needles and my sewing machine and currently started sewing projects. That’s all I think I could fit in my car.

If I then had a small moving truck I would fill it with all “my” stuff including but not limited to a bed, a dresser, a lamp or two, a fan maybe a few blankets and some select kitchen items, books, a couple odds and ends from around the house

From the kitchen: Pots (we have two great ones), square pyrex dish, couple of cookie sheets, my mixer, parchment paper, couple cutting boards, my knife (which really needs sharpened), bench knife (which is less a knife and more a wide hunk of metal with a handle), couple scraper spatulas, some other random utensils and such.

Books: most of my books fit into three categories: cooking, crafting (mostly knitting and quilting) and fiction. 99% of the fiction books I read I get rid of so that collection is small. Most of my knitting books are prized and most of my cooking books are awesome. All would have to come with at some point sooner rather than later.

What would you bring? This is not an exercise “in an emergency grab x and leave” this is an exercise of more flexibility less criticality.

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Borderline Savage said...

I think your plan makes sense. My brother and SIL have had to do the tandem move a couple of times, and it's much easier when one of them has to live in a hotel for a few weeks, because the other one either stays with in the house with its contents or moves into the new house with all their stuff. In that case, the one in the hotel only has a couple of suitcases with work clothes and a few personal items.

I think I'd have to bring tea, current and near future knitting, a few books, and a computer. I could subsist happily in a hotel room like that as long as I knew I would see the rest of my stuff eventually.