Thursday, December 26, 2013


There are a couple fo people that I am considering my heroes for 2013. First there is A and E (married couple) who were the connections I exploited to help me get a job at a big company doing some interesting things. I realize that a connection doesn’t get you a job, but a good connection is the best way to find a good job and the two of them made 2013 move in so many ways.

Then there is Jill. You see I ended up moving in July, right after teachers get out for summer break. Many teachers decide to pick up a summer gig to supplement themselves for the summer and Jill absolutely could do that, instead she joined me on a cross country journey. Since Jim had not acquired any vacation time by the time I left I was going to have to drive alone thousands of miles. This scared me. I am not good at driving long stretches alone without getting tired especially day after day after day. Jill to the rescue. I convinced her (though honestly she needed very little convincing because she is amazing) to join me. We drove for about a week and spent some time gallivanting around the bay area and she was the most patient, kind person the entire time. We had fun, we laughed, I cried and not once did she complain that I had dragged her across the country.

 Sure none of these people “saved my life” in the TV drama sort of way, but I owe all three of them my 2013 and will be forever grateful for their willingness to help a girl out.

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