Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sweater Attempt

As previously described, I have had some epic fails with sweaters. There was the t-shirt type sweater which upon wear changed shape so drastically that I tried to deconstruct it and fix it and finally ended up just throwing the whole entire project in the garbage. Then there was the most horribly written pattern I’ve ever attempted. That got frogged and turned into a completely different sweater.

Not all of my attempts have been such drastic failures. There was wisteria which was beautiful and even though I accidentally made it a ¾ length sleeve I actually wore it a handful of times. It has a high neck which isn't my favorite, but even that was super flattering. At least the sweater WAS flattering before I shrunk and it became too big. I loved it so much that I gave it to a friend, not sure if she wears it or not, but it really is the most flattering sweater on a plethora of bodies. I love it. I might even make myself another one at some point.

Then there was the sweater I made from the frogged project. I did the beehive cardigan. It is gorgeous. I made the sleeves elbow length. The only thing I should have done a little differently was the length of the sweater body. It could use another inch. I also never blocked the sweater, but with the long weekend maybe I’ll try it. I definitely recommend that one.

With all of these attempts I decided to take advantage of some investments I've made. Amy Herzog has developed a whole line of separate but complimentary products that are just what I needed to get a perfect sweater. First there was the book fit to flatter (which I own) and then there was her craftsy class (which I own access to) and now she has customfit. I watched the craftsy class to get an idea of style type, etc that I should start with. Next I knit up a swatch, had my sister take my measurements and then got to work putting all the info into the online software which then spit out a pattern just for me.

So far I’m about half way through the back and it doesn't look immensely off in any way. I also made a relatively large swatch (or two) and it loved the fabric so I think that combo means this sweater has some serious potential. I'll keep you updated

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Swap Fun

It has been years since I have done a swap. I was swap skiddish, then I was impatient(rude) with one of my first swap partners. Then I thought I was a better knitter than I actually was and once I realized this I decided to take a break

And never joined again. Thankfully I ran across this little ditty of a swap and I think it is a perfect get back into the swap game.

How are you finding fun with your existing hobbies?