Monday, February 3, 2014

Hike - the easy version

A month or so after I moved into the cottage I went for a hike. I wanted a short-ish hike so no matter the skill level I could make it. I found a short hike over by the coast and left excessively early in the morning. I enjoyed the hike but somehow managed to take the hard way to the top. As fog and clouds rolled all around me I took a deep breath and enjoyed some good nature time.

This weekend my husband texted me earlier in the morning and woke me up. After we had our Saturday morning chat I decided it was time to attempt the hike again. This time I took the easier way to the top. This time there was basically no fog. I facetimed my husband and showed him the pacific ocean below me, the vultures flying above and the coast town behind/below me. It was wonderful. A beautiful day for a hike. Next time I'm going to try the hard hike again :-)

Hiking gives you a new perspective on the world you live in. This hike was no exception to that rule. On the way back I realized that I can see the Golden Gate bridge! Obviously, it was too foggy last time so it was a complete surprise to me as I turned to notice the international orange towers in the distance. Can you find the bridge in this picture?

Another thing I love about hiking is that nature is so cool and as much as I try to notice it, it's almost impossible to ignore in the coolness of nature on a hike, especially a solo hike. This time I saw a very fun plant that looks like curls of balsa wood or something of the sort.

Also some nice hanging moss dangling from the tip of a pine tree

What solo adventures have you enjoyed lately?

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Robin said...

Awesome views. What a great motivation for the hike...seeing that view. Pace yourself! and take a friend with you....