Saturday, February 8, 2014

How I love monogamy

Knitting Monogamy of course. Usually I only work on 1 thing. Every time I set a project down it means I'm never going to finish it. On rare occasion I am semi-forced to work on more than one at a time.

That rare occasion has been upon me as of late. I had promised a work-friend that she could have fingerless mittens for her birthday. Unfortunately her birthday is Monday so I had to stop knitting the sweater and start knitting those. I knit them up quick, using a combination of my own pattern and a cabled pattern I found on ravelry.

I mostly made my own length and I added thumb gussets and thumbs because I think those look so much better than mitts with just a thumb hole.

The good thing, is that I was able to use up some stash yarn. The bad thing is that I had to knit the mittens 2.5 times (2 is normal) because I messed up the thumb and finally just gave up.

Finally I finished those up and took them to work last week.

Of course while I was working on that a church leader requested a handknit heart for decorating our relief society room. Granted that didn't take a very long time, but I did have to buy some yarn because despite the plethora of yarn and leftovers I didn't have any red yarn in a quantity or weight necessary for the project. I hit up joanns and bought some Lion Brand Heartland Terroir. It's 100% acrylic, and very soft and it's one that I would use again for a blanket. Not luxiorious, but it served the purpose mightily.

I wasn't sure exactly what kind of heart they wanted so I made 2 - 1 larger in stockinette, 1 smaller in garter. Thankfully those were accomplished in a quick evening of knitting and passed off to the right people on Thursday.
Garter Knitted Heart

Stockinette Knitted Heart
Which means I can get back to my sweater! I only need to finish up the sleeves and then I can block and do the button band stuff. I love working on this sweater, it is such a joy and I can only hope it turns out as perfect as it is in in my head.

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