Monday, February 17, 2014

Keeping up

I have been writing about a blog post a day, but I haven't gotten most of them fully ready (missing pictures or links). I'll continue to schedule them out as I get them completed

Today though, I found a super fun topic from this blog post which I found out about via this blog post

I've always claimed that I was born to be an adult. Childhood was hard, but not because I grew up in a rough family or in a bad neighborhood or somehow had a traditionally rough childhood. No, I just didn't thoroughly enjoy the being a kid thing. Adults have it good. I can stay up 'til all hours of the night if I want to and I can have pie for breakfast or lunch and dinner. Sure I have to deal with consequences of those actions in a way that didn't really play into my life as a child, but in the end being an adult is kind of awesome.

There are some drawbacks though, mostly revolving around chores and bills and that sort of thing. Spinning off the motivation from the other blog posts:

Things that I still despise as much if not more so than I did as a kid

1) Dishes - hate them with a dishwasher, hate them without a dishwasher, but believe that I should be responsible and not use disposable plates, silverware and napkins at every meal so they are inevitable

2) Folding Laundry - I don't hate doing laundry, there is a certain joy in the control and OCD I have about laundry, but I could forever cover my body by grabbing garments out of a pile on my couch. Folding and putting away? just... blech

3) Trash - When I got married (well I warned him before the actual wedding) I made it clear that I don't take out the trash. Not because it's not a job "for ladies" but because it's not a job for Britt. My husband, being the saint he is, didn't bat an eye and I don't think I took the trash out as a married woman more than 2 or 3 times before I moved to the cottage.

4) General tidying - I've heard a rumor that some people actually find joy in organizing and tidying up a house. I don't

5) Making a bed - I'm of two schools of thought on this. I used to think it was just a matter of not living alone, differences in sleeping schedules and neither one of us caring. I'm sure that's part of it, but I do live alone now and I still don't really make my bed pretty much ever. I'm sure the extreme lack of ease (my bed is against a wall on both sides and the head so making the bed is an adventure to say the least) is part of it, but maybe I'm also a little like Jim Gaffigan who said, "I don't make my bed for same reason I don't tie my shoes when I take them off. It doesn't make sense." bonus: Jim Gaffigan is hilarious

As with everything, there are some things that I think I enjoy that others would find baffling or at least a little weird

1) Vacuuming - I could vacuum all day I do love it so. I think having a decent vacuum makes all the difference and I LOVE my vacuum. I have even seen the same model at stores for under $100 (grocery outlet and big lots are a good start). I have this model and my husband has this model and we love them both for the around the house vacuuming. I also swear by owning a shop-vac for cleaning out a car and for cleaning up a busted hot water heater

2) Cleaning MY bathroom - I have never shared a bathroom with my husband which is definitely a good thing because the best part of cleaning my bathroom is how quickly I can do a DEEP clean (all surfaces, fixtures, floor, baseboards, etc scrubbed). I highly doubt I could do that same cleaning in the same amount of time if we shared. He's just dirtier than I am in the bathroom - though for the record he is much much tidier than I am in every single room of the house (see item 4 above)

3) Making lists - I found out about bullet journaling via some twitter folks (I don't tweet that often, but find it easy to follow interesting people and conversations) and I use a britt-style method of that technique to really get things accomplished. At one point in my house we had 3 whiteboards which I used for 3 entirely different purposes and they kept my brain on track

4) Cooking - this one isn't that surprising, I have always loved to cook and I make myself dinner many nights of the week. I used to dream of becoming a personal chef, I don't think it is actually feasible for me, but it's a fun dream

5)Washing windows - I should do this one more often, but I keep my blinds here at the cottage closed up so I don't really notice the state of the windows

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