Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

Carole, as usual, came up with a fun topic this week about the winter olympics

My thoughts:

1) I miss them - no NBC reception means no Olympics
2) When will NBC figure out how to let me stream more than highlights, but less than full events in a nice, easy, way?
3) Yarn for the hideously ugly american sweaters came from an awesome Oregon Ranch. Go read about their REAL sustainability efforts and history
4) I want some of that yarn
5) How did I not know that women didn't ski jump in the Olympics until this year?
6) This girl dances like she's my father's daughter (but she's not)
7) Zdeno (plays for the Bruins in the NHL, for Slovakia in the olympics) is a GIANT and he does this cute little lean when taking pictures with normal/short people. Still a giant. Pictures of Zdeno with other olympians
8) There has never been anything I have even pretended to want to focus enough energy into that I could compete in the Olympics. I think I'm actually OK with that
9) Living without TV cuts off much of my work chit-chat options
10) I need to get off the couch

Want to see the thoughts from people who have actually had a chance to watch the olympics? Go over to Carole's blog to see all of the link-ups


Kym said...

That yarn does look pretty darn fabulous!

Donna said...

I think Olympians have this certain quality that most of us don't possess. I can't imagine having that much dedication and I don't know many others that are like that either. So I guess we are normal!

Unknown said...

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