Sunday, February 2, 2014


Since my husband is joining me in California for a quick 3 days, I've been looking around for some tourist events to do while he is here. So far I'm hoping for the following, we'll see what else I come up with and also how much we can actually accomplish in 3 days.

1) Golden Gate Bridge (obviously)

2) Alcatraz (he's really interested in going)

3) Cal Academy of Sciences at night
4) Wharf
5) Victorian Home Walk (Found via a wonderful blog I have followed for ages)
6) Sourdough Bread
7) Half Moon Bay or some other beach-type area
8) Farmers Market
9) The cottage (where I live)

10) Muir Woods

What would you do as a tourist in the San Francisco Bay/Peninsula area?

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Sharp Pointy Sticks said...

That Cal Academy of Sciences at night sounds AWESOME!!!