Thursday, January 15, 2015

My opinion - facewash

Face wash, it's one of those things that I think many of us use, but it's hard to find the right one. Instead of the great, the good and the ugly I'm just going to review the washes I use and why (ok maybe I'll give you small "don't bother"

AM shower: I shower every morning (because I shave my legs every morning) and in the shower I wash my face with a sulfur-based wash. I like it because it keeps things calm in my trouble zone (chin  and lower cheek). This does not foam at all and I don't use it anywhere above my cheek bones, but I find it super successful in preventing breakouts.

PM/after workout: If I workout and then shower in the evening I wash my face with the off brand version of this face wash. I like the foam, and the scrubbiness comes in handy when removing makeup.

Every now and then I'm not showering, but I need to take my makeup off, when that happens I often take my eye makeup off with some Mary Kay eye makeup remover. I'm running out, but I have seen some recipes for homemade versions around the internet so I may have to try that in the future

Don't bother: every face wash sample I've ever been given at a makeup counter has been a disaster. Either it completely dries my face out, or it makes me breakout like a barely pubescent teenager.

So those are my opinions for the week, what do you like for facewash?

Next week: water bottles

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