Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My opinions

The beginning of a semi-regular feature here: something I like, these will be things that I buy on my own, review on my own and generally have an opinion about

This week: Podcasts

The great (non-craft related): I have not had a conversation about podcasts without recommending Pop Culture Happy Hour. They have only lead me astray once (gone girl), but have been so right so many times. I do miss trey grahams random opera references, but sometime I'll find another source for those.

The good (craft related): The Fat Squirrel Speaks- you will either love her style or you will hate her style. She is like watching my internal self get excited and silly about yarn and yarny-things. I love it. The way she sing songs her segment titles makes my day and I love her shenanigans

The less-than recommended (craft related): Do not shoot the messenger or defile the person who points out that the emperor is not wearing any clothes, but I'm here to give my honest opinion and this is it. There is a yarny podcast that is probably the "biggest" yarny podcast out there, at least according to the number of yarny podcasts that mention it. It is hosted by a mother daughter combo and while I am sure it is a great podcast I can NOT get past the voice of one of the hosts. It's like listening to never ending nails on a chalk board and how anyone can handle it is beyond me.

Next week: Face wash

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wings & roots said...

I recently just started listening to The Fat Squirrel Speaks and I am really enjoying it as well!!