Monday, January 12, 2015

The tradition i wish wasn't

What do you do about keys when you go on vacation?
I went back to the east coast over the two weeks of Christmas and New Year, working out of my company's Massachusetts office for 8 days. While there i had a rental car and my kept my husband's house key attached the rental keys. What should i have done with my house keys? Usually, I keep them in a front or side zipper pocket of one of my suitcases. This has been fail proof.

Until now.

Somehow I lost my house key while I was out there, and didn't notice until I was trying to get into my apartment upon my return late on a Sunday night. My frustration was at an all time high. The keys are still missing a week later, but I've solved the problem with my spare and a lovely kiosk, but it was a stressful night/morning as I waited to get my spare back from the friend who was checking on my house.

1 Week into the new year, how are your traditions going?

1) 2/ week, but I'd like that to be back up at 4, this week looks promising
2) I am calling this a complete success. I made a dinner for the week which made pre-dinner snacking much less of a problem. I also tried a new recipe for a lemon loaf using the lemons in my front yard. Finally i whipped up a spaghetti squash casserole, high in veges, low in calories, we'll see how well this goes this week nothing appears to be a problem at the moment.
3) Sharing, I think I need to plan this a bit more, I have some ideas, I'm thinking some bread drop offs this month

How are your goals/resolutions/traditions coming along? Have you figured out what success looks like?

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jacob said...

I clip my keys into that keychain clip inside my backpack that goes unused 99% of the time.